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Reserve 2 May 2022 for the online event Future of Work Academy with focus on current topics relating to the modern office

06 aprile 2022

Ambiente Working will join Dining, Living and Giving as a further product area within the international consumer goods fair, in which everything will revolve around New Work and the working world of tomorrow. A foretaste will already be offered on 2 May 2022 at the free online event "Future of Work Academy" with current topics on office planning. The lecture programme is aimed in particular at architects, interior designers, office planners and facility managers. The digital event is being realised together with World-Architects.

Five nationally and internationally renowned architects and planners will participate in the Future of Work Academy and provide inspiring insights into the state of contemporary office planning. They will lecture on forward-looking topics in line with the "Future of Work" and provide suggestions for a contemporary interior design of the workplace.

The programme begins at 2 p.m. with a short welcome by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and World-Architects.

The first speaker will be Peter Ippolito from the Ippolito Fleitz Group at 2.15 p.m. with his topic "Decidedly in between". He will show that there are always different answers to the current challenges of the working world. "Not because we cannot decide, but because there are always different answers to the challenges of the working world," is his credo for office planning.

"Welcome Home to Office" is the title of the lecture by Jessica Borchardt of BAID Architekten, who will talk about the challenges and the harmony of office and home office from 3 pm. "We need a mix of office and home office and we have to be able to look forward to it," says Borchardt.

Margit Sichrovsky from LXSY Le Roux Sichrovsky Architects will talk about the topic "Explore the future in action". She is of the opinion that topic-based work and joint knowledge transfer will take up more space in everyday working life. New Work is also an aspect of her talk starting at 15:45. "New Work means a lived experiment that changes today for tomorrow," says Sichrovsky.

Petra Pfeifer and Andreas Moser from MA Architekten will be devoting their lecture "We - I - We" to the topics of individuality, security, flexibility and identification. Starting at 4:30 p.m., they will not only enter into a joint dialogue, but also into a dialogue with the audience, because their opinion is: "There is no universal recipe for 'the workspace'."

The lectures will be broadcast on two channels - in German and in English.

Pre-registration is required and can be made at:

Once registered, you will automatically receive the dial-in link before the free event and can then attend all or individual lectures.

The next Ambiente will take place from 3 to 7 February 2023.

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