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Creativeworld Trends: Long live Handicraft

12 ottobre 2021

With their creative themes, the Creativeworld Trends appeal
specifically to the active DIY community, whose focus is on the
resource-saving use of materials and products. Existing things are
used and embellished to create new things and new materials.
Above all, the focus is on handicraft, as the title for the 2022/23
season gets to the point: Manual Movement.

Community, personal exchange and conscious consumption have
gained enormously in importance in the last two years. This has a
particular impact on the DIY sector. The creative community has become
even more important and exchange is no longer limited to the private
sphere, but can be found in public places in the city. Thus, urban oases
become places of encounter that are creatively designed in community
projects. In addition to the community, conscious consumption provides
for new craft developments. Ideas are developed to create something
new out of what is already there, thus extending the life cycle of the
products. This is how we meet our responsibility for the environment with

The stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano was commissioned by Messe
Frankfurt to draw up the Creativeworld Trends 22+ and drew inspiration
from these new influences: "The DIY trend is unbroken and is being
driven further by conscious consumption. Recycling and upcycling are
fuelling the industry whether in clothing, textiles, tableware or furniture,"
says Claudia Herke of style agency Bora.Herke.Palmisano. "Crafts play
an important role here: weaving, crochet, embroidery, working with
natural materials, braiding and much more show the return to old
techniques that we are rediscovering in order to refine our found
treasures. That's why we talk about Manual Movement at Creativeworld
Trends 22+: the craft movement."

With the three trend worlds: "colour statement", "organic traces" and
"lovely keeping", old favourite pieces are given a new lease of life, urban
space becomes a canvas and nature is used to search for traces.

Colour statement: colour as a positive message
This trend is optimistic and exudes joie de vivre. Whether in the city, for
large-scale installations that make our cities more colourful, or at home,
by embellishing our homes with colourful accessories. Alongside bold
colours like purple or orange, colourful patterns play a significant role.
Checks can be seen everywhere, whether on fabrics, papers or
porcelain. In addition, the Norwegian pattern is experiencing a
renaissance. The fine jacquard patterns of Norwegian jumpers are
inspiring the designs and can become colour-intensive, hand-knitted
cuffs for vintage blousons. This is where the re-use idea comes into play.
Visible Mending, the artful mending of broken things, is taking Trends
22+ to the next level. Last season, textiles were darned, now damaged
clothing is repaired and decorated at the same time with colourful
patterns, checks, stripes and real works of art. The plain, single-coloured
leather shopper, for example, becomes unique with contrasting colour in
bold checks.
The creative specialised trade offers fabrics, wool, textile spray and
markers, ceramic pens for this trend and can also expand its assortment
with haberdashery such as yarn, fabric scissors, pins or buttons.

Organic traces: Searching for traces in nature
The inspiration for "organic traces" lies in the abstract and the organic.
Nature serves as a template for prints and designs, structures, textures
and random surfaces. An infinite wealth of materials is right on our
doorstep, so to speak. Roots, dry branches, grasses or twigs serve as
brushes. They are bound, then briefly dipped in paint and leave abstract
traces on paper, fabrics or ceramics. Coloured cord, jute or sisal can
become woven accessories such as small coasters or doilies. This is
where traditional craft techniques come into play, such as crochet, where
baskets are crocheted from thick cord and ropes. The recycling or
upcycling idea is also taken up. A worn pair of jeans becomes a new
material by being completely cut up like yarn.
High-quality and handmade papers, blank greeting cards, cardboard,
handmade paper, brushes and natural and stamping inks can be bought
in the specialist shop, which are needed for the trail.

Lovely keepings: longevity as a sustainable alternative
After the uncertain times that Corona has brought, people long for
nostalgic memories, longevity and rediscovering beloved things. This
romantic mood dominates "lovely keepings". The new romanticism is
underlined by floral patterns, blossoms or ornaments that are applied to
existing textiles such as old tablecloths, bed linen, lace blouses or
vintage dresses. This is where traditional embroidery techniques come
into play, such as stitching over, mouse teeth, decorating edges, ruffles,
borders, backstitches or small decorative stitches. For the home,
crockery, porcelain and decorative items are revived, decorated and
worked on. The little things that lie dormant in the cupboards are
embellished. Handkerchiefs are embroidered over and turned into
napkins, beads are threaded on or hair clips are decorated with a floral
The range on offer in specialist shops is large and could include
porcelain paints, brushes, yarns, crochet and knitting needles and of
course offer the appropriate specialist literature or instructions for the
traditional embroidery techniques.

As usual, Creativeworld will be held together with the international
consumer-goods fairs Christmasworld and Paperworld at the end of
Christmasworld: 28 January to 1 February 2022
Paperworld and Creativeworld: 29 January to 1 February 2022

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