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Facing Forward: Christmasworld and Paperworld Trends 2022+ open up new design possibilities

12 ottobre 2021

"Facing Forward" - this is the motto of the Christmasworld and
Paperworld Trends 2022+. The three joint trend statements
"hearted+minimal", "mystic+originate" and "local+vital" show the
relevant themes, colours, materials, inspirations and styles for
2022+. They provide the international decoration and stationery
trade with orientation for individual assortment compilation. A new
feature is a broader colour spectrum per trend - for even easier
colour combinations in the presentation of goods.

After the experiences in the pandemic, the consistent look ahead opens
up new perspectives. This also applies to the Christmasworld and
Paperworld Trends 2022+, which are oriented towards the changing
needs of consumers. Thus, the Trends 22+ use exemplary projects and
products to describe how poetry, goodwill and a sense of responsibility
produce modern and powerful designs that remain valid beyond one
season. "They stand for a good, lively and intergenerational
togetherness as well as for mindful products that bring us real joy in our
virtual everyday lives", says designer Annetta Palmisano from Stilbüro
bora.herke.palmisano, which develops and designs the Christmasworld
and Paperworld Trends on behalf of Messe Frankfurt.
The product and style worlds around seasonal and festive decorations,
commercial office supplies as well as stationery and school supplies
reflect worldwide consumer trends. Modern living and working concepts
are dissolving their classic boundaries. Sustainability, longevity and a
return to tradition are increasingly coming to the fore. These themes are
also shaping the design of living space and home office - they are
reflected in the design of the favourite café, in hotel furnishings and in
contemporary office landscapes. "Products with permanence and
meaning are increasingly in demand. And traditions, cherished rituals
and familiar togetherness have also taken on a new, more weighty
significance," emphasises designer Claudia Herke. These aspects are
reflected in the product selection and the general trend statements for
2022+, which apply across the board of Christmasworld and Paperworld.

Christmasworld and Paperworld Trends 2022+ extend design
possibilities with a wider range of colours

New in the orientation of the three joint trends, "hearted+minimal",
"mystic+originate" and "local+vital", are the broader colour palettes,
which give retailers more variety and scope for design: In each trend
world, three neutral, three cool and three warm colour nuances are
shown, which can thus be combined even more individually. "With this,
we want to create an even better basis for an individual, trend-oriented
assortment composition in the shop and in the window dressing. When
retailers use this as a guide to define their own style, they hit the nerve of
the times and also underline their personal sense of style and their
advisory skills," adds Palmisano.

"hearted+minimal" stands for the conscious use of resources
This style combines the cosy with the minimalist. Clear lines, restrained
colours and natural materials create a calm and pleasant living
atmosphere. The feeling of intimacy and the expression of one's own
personality come to the fore through the products - whether in the
decorated living room or in the office, the sentimental value of the
objects gains in importance. Cross-seasonal ornaments and motifs,
timeless décors and durable materials convey permanence, both in the
world of festive decorations and in the world of stationery.

"mystic+originate" blurs reality and imagination
This enigmatic and nature-loving style combines reality and imagination.
Surprisingly artistic, nature-related and unreal results with a mystical
aura emerge from this. Patterns close to nature characterise this style
world, but they are surprising because they do not occur in nature at all -
everything seems familiar and yet strange.
New, alternative materials imitate familiar materials and surprise with
new solutions. Lasting values and carefully crafted products, such as
precious paper goods, calligraphy and high-quality printing techniques,
are as important as rituals. "mystic+originate" makes beautiful values of
togetherness and celebrations come alive, depending on the occasion.

"local+vital" creates closeness and cheerfulness through local
products and characteristic design
This style focuses on location-based projects, local products and
characteristic design. The aim behind this is to promote cheerfulness
and creativity as well as to create a sense of commitment and closeness
to the places we love. The immediate surroundings and the
neighbourhood are more important than ever. Private and public outdoor
spaces are desirable open spaces that can become the centre of life.
Work and many activities are increasingly decoupled from firmly defined
spaces. DIY and joy play a decisive role in this, which flows in as life
optimism at celebrations and in the office with environmentally conscious

The trends at Christmasworld and Paperworld
All three trends will be presented at the fairs from 28/29 January to 1
February 2022 in two areas, each with a focus on Christmasworld and
Paperworld products respectively.
Christmasworld and Paperworld Trends are an important source of
inspiration for the trade and the first port of call for new products. They
offer concrete ordering assistance and helpful guidelines for a modern
and, at the same time, sales-driving assortment design and product
presentation. Trade visitors receive concrete trend statements with
exhibitor and product information on the spot.
For years, trend scouts Claudia Herke, Cem Bora and Annetta
Palmisano from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano have been partners of
Messe Frankfurt and each season derive their forecasts from the current
global trends in fashion, society and interior design.

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