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Connected as the seasonal theme of Intertextile Directions trends for Spring / Summer 2023

18 gennaio 2022

The pandemic has led us to finally find the togetherness we have been looking for. A beautiful, interwoven web of community and nature, enhanced through technology – ‘CONNECTED’ is the seasonal theme for apparel fabrics trends for Spring / Summer 2023. Visit the Trend Forum at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Spring Edition 2022, running from 14 – 16 April, to find out more about the four key trends that will represent this theme: BIO-CLARITY, NATURAL-HARMONY, VIRTUAL-ENERGY and EARTH-CELEBRATION.

In a seemingly hyper-connected world, there has grown a widespread craving for intimacy and closeness. We seek authenticity in every aspect of life and look within, around and beyond ourselves, leading to the emphasis of performance and synthetic fabrics, and comfort and eco-friendly fabrics. The fair’s Trend Forum will feature on-trend fabric samples submitted by exhibitors to provide inspiration for visitors on colours, patterns, materials and more.

The Intertextile Directions Trend Committee came up with the seasonal theme ‘CONNECTED’ to tell the story of tomorrow’s apparel fabric trends. It is formed by top trend forecasters from fashion capitals around the world: TOBE TDG By The Doneger Group (New York, USA), Elementi Moda (Milan, Italy), NellyRodi™ Agency (Paris, France) and Sachiko Inoue (Tokyo, Japan).

View the full Trend Guide here.

We roam the land and explore the mind in search of peace and purity.
Nature’s nurturing touch shows us a path, where we discover serenity in
her quiet sanctity, with man and earth in perfect harmony.

Austere and luminous pastels blend with romantic floral tones, forming a
serene range of shades that inspire sensitivity and simplicity. Delicate
fabrics shine in sheer chiffons and organzas, while simplistic and
synthetic fabrics take a technical route with Tencel and Cupro rayons,
triacetates, vero viscose and performance polyesters.


Revel in nature’s fragrant floral fields, vibrant vegetable gardens and
rustic rural landscapes. We blend old and new, natural and man-made to
create an eco-urban way of life.

Fruity and floral pops add vibrance as botanical, natural neutrals stabilise
this balanced palette. Eco-friendly fabrics are key in organic cotton, linen
and hemp. Natural pigment dyes, eco washes and biodegradable denims
make a statement.


Virtual becomes reality as our digital and physical lives morph to create a
high-tech existence beyond our wildest imaginations. Self-expression
skyrockets in a new world fuelled by dynamic innovation at supersonic

Illusionary worlds, digital dynamism and outer-space wonder collide in a
gamut of shimmering crypto-tones and explosive artificial brights. Newage
futurism pushes the limit with bio synthetics, smart textiles and
wearable technology. Waterproof, cooling, anti-UV and antibacterial
coatings are now standard.


We rejoice in our shared soil, water, air and land; and pay homage to
these life-sustaining resources. As the earth heals and nourishes, we
come together in celebration of culture and community, discovering the
delight of our diversity.

A rich array of organic tones extracted from exotic vegetation and tropical
flowers form a complex range of zesty bursts and mellow darks. Rustic
refinement is at the forefront with a myriad of natural fibres including
marled and mélange linens and hemps. Botanical dyes, Shibori and
pigment prints feel organic and sustainable.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Spring Edition 2022 will be held
concurrently with the Spring Edition of Intertextile Shanghai Home
Textiles, Yarn Expo Spring, CHIC and PH Value from 14 – 16 April at the
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The fair is coorganised
by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd; the Sub-Council of Textile
Industry, CCPIT; and the China Textile Information Centre.

For more details, please visit: To find out
more about all Messe Frankfurt textile fairs worldwide, please visit:

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