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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition wrapped up last week, showcasing the latest developments in smart lighting technology

13 agosto 2021

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) concluded its
26th edition last Friday at the China Import and Export Complex in
Guangzhou. The fair took place concurrently with Guangzhou
Electrical Building Technology (GEBT), and together featured 2,036
exhibitors and 97,688 visitors. Running with the theme ‘The Future
is Now’, GILE 2021 promoted optimism for the lighting industry,
seeking to share the latest developments and technological

On the theme of this year’s show, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General
Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) commented: “The goal of this year’s
fair was to focus on the future, and to encourage the industry to be
optimistic about the positive developments and technological
advancements that are and will continue to emerge. That’s why we
chose the theme ‘The Future is Now’, focusing on the four main areas of
technological innovation, strengthening market segments, promoting
cross-industry collaboration and adding value to the lighting industry. In
addition we aimed to work with the sector to promote a transition towards
personalisation, digitalisation, energy-saving and quality improvement.”

Ms Wong continued: “The industry landscape is going through a number
of changes at present due to technological innovation and evolution in
the concept of lighting, with new business models emerging and lighting
companies adjusting the direction of their product development in order
to adapt. This has been evident from the new products and technologies
on display at this year’s fair, as well as the changing sourcing demands
from visitors. And while the situation with the pandemic in the lead up to
the fair naturally restricted the number of visitors in attendance this year,
we are optimistic that the industry is in a good position to recover and
thrive, driven by these new advances in lighting technology.”

The Future is Now: innovative products for a new smart lighting era
In addition to smart lighting markets such as smart home, smart city
lighting and smart light poles continuing to grow, new sectors are also
emerging. Some key examples include smart health lighting, educational
lighting and agricultural lighting, all of which were on display at this
year’s GILE is the perfect platform to showcase these kinds of products
and an ideal place for businesses to source them.

At this year’s fair, the organisers in collaboration with the Shanghai
Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association (SILA), developed the first ever
Smart-health crossover demonstration pavilion to better highlight the
latest IoT and smart technologies, and various smart lighting
applications. It aimed to support lighting manufacturers in developing
partnerships with other industry players related to various applications,
including smart modules, cloud computing, gateways, industrial design,
IoT solutions, apps, sensors, big data and AI.

Highlights of the fringe programme
More than 250 seminars and forums revolving around the theme ‘The
New Decade of Lighting’ were held as part of the concurrent fringe
programme. The Cultural and Night Tourism Pavilion was another
highlight of the fair, which included both a lighting art display and an
event programme.

Exhibitors’ comments
“This year we came to GILE with our smart home products, including a
home intelligent control system. This edition the buyers who came to the
fair are those who want to bring something new to the table. They are
the ones who want to find better opportunities for cooperation and
learning, and to make the lighting market even better. You can also see
that there are many manufacturers exhibiting smart products this year.”
Mr Baiyu Liu, Senior Product Manager, Product Department, TCL Very Lighting Technology (Huizhou) Co Ltd, China

“Everyone knows that GILE is the biggest trade fair for lighting in China.
We discovered that in recent years, the diversity, scale and number of
the fair’s exhibitors have improved greatly. GILE has become an
opportunity for showcase, communication and learning for the various
sectors in the lighting field, so we will continue to participate. On the
other hand, we think that the industry has entered a fiercely competitive
stage that requires us to work together to find out how we can grow and
increase the industry’s overall output value – and GILE has provided us
with such an opportunity to do so.”
Mr Li Peng, Deputy General Manager, SANANBIO, China

“It was a good decision to go ahead with the fair this year, and we are as
determined as ever to participate. People here are still optimistic overall,
and there have been more visitors than expected. At present in the
Chinese lighting industry, smart lighting, agricultural lighting and
education lighting are all promising trends. We have already invested in
education lighting and achieved great results, and have collaborated with
smart manufacturers such as Tuya in the field of smart lighting.”
Mr Deming Lin, Brand Centre Manager, Guangdong OML Polytron
Technologies Inc, China

“There is a positive outlook in the health lighting market segment in
China as the country has placed great importance on the health of
youngsters, especially when it comes to lighting in schools. We’re glad to
see more exhibitors here are focusing on products related to this trend.
We joined the fair this year as we want to send out a positive sign to our
clients and the industry at one of the most reputable lighting industry
events in the world.”
Mr Yong Shen, Lighting Business General Manager, Shenzhen
Fluence Technology PLC, China

“This is our company's first time to attend GILE. We learned from the
industry that the fair is one of the most influential exhibitions in China, so
our headquarters decided that since we plan to enter the Chinese
market, we will need to exhibit here to use this very good platform to
showcase and introduce our products.”
Mr Ton Qin, PM China (LED Lighting Division), Vossloh-Schwabe
Lighting Solutions (Zhuhai) Ltd, China

Visitors’ comments
“I visit GILE every year. So far I’ve connected with some suppliers who
we’ve worked with before, and we also want to learn about what’s new in
the market from other exhibitors so we can have better planning of our
business for the second half of this year and beyond. A lot of exhibitors
here focus on products for plant lighting, and this is an area full of
potential in the future.”
Mr Zhixiang Deng, Sourcer, Shenzhen Tai Lang Decoration Co Ltd,

“This is our sixth time at GILE. We hope to find controls and systems,
and we’ve also looked at some innovative antimicrobial LED lights. We
have communicated with some companies and exchanged contacts
already. I think the fair can help the industry to recover from the
pandemic and generate more business opportunities.”
Mr Xie Qing Sen, Sourcing Assistant, DECC, China

Speakers’ comments
“Our purpose of joining today’s forum was to convey the message that
our products and technologies are suitable for many of the participants of
this fair. Through participating, we saw some very interesting
adornments and designs. We are an exhibitor at GILE as well, and since
it is not easy to find new customers during the pandemic, we hope to
make use of this platform to meet with new customers.”
Mr John Liu, CEO, Ayla, China

“I think the forums at GILE are very suitable to enable interactions and
further cooperation amongst different parts of the industry. It is great for
us to learn more about the industry and have sharing sessions through
this platform. I believe GILE is extremely successful as I can see every
participant is trying to find their own direction and seek a breakthrough.
What’s more, the fair is becoming an international trading platform which
is beneficial for the whole industry.”
Mr Wang Jun Jie, General Manager, Light & Shadow Technology Co
Ltd, China

Audience comments
“This forum has been very rewarding. I want to learn about the
development trends of plant lighting and the demand for this as we may
launch new products in the future. Through this forum I have discovered
a number of new things. We are also here to visit our customers’ booths,
to seek new products and further cooperation opportunities, and we will
definitely visit the fair again to look for more new innovations.”
Mr Wang Zhao Can, Account Manager, JiangXi JingLiang Sci &
Tech Corporation, China

The next editions of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and
Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology are scheduled to take place
from 9 – 12 June 2022.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is part of Messe Frankfurt’s
Light + Building Technology fair portfolio headed by the biennial Light +
Building event in Frankfurt, Germany. The next edition will be held from
13 – 18 March 2022.

Messe Frankfurt organises a number of trade fairs for the light and
building technology sectors in Asia, including Shanghai Intelligent
Building Technology, Shanghai Smart Home Technology, Parking China,
Thailand Building Fair and Thailand Lighting Fair. The company’s lighting
and building technology trade fairs also cover the markets in Argentina,
India, Russia and the UAE.

For more information on Light + Building shows worldwide, please visit For more information regarding the
lighting shows in China, please visit or email

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