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E2 Forum Frankfurt to be held in autumn 2022 – further to its regular schedule

15 marzo 2021

The next E2 Forum Frankfurt – conference and innovation forum for elevator and escalator technology – will take place in autumn 2022. The decision for the regular date on 21 and 22 September 2022 was jointly taken by the organiser Messe Frankfurt, the companies of the elevator and escalator industry represented in the exhibitor advisory board and cooperation partner VDMA at their meeting at the end of February. In this way, the decision-makers are taking into account the dialogue character of the innovation forum.

The stakeholders’ decision to hold the next E2 Forum Frankfurt according to its regular schedule was taken unanimously: All companies represented on the exhibitor advisory board, the representatives of the cooperation partner VDMA and Messe Frankfurt voted for the regular date on 21 and 22 September 2022 and for a break in the summer of 2021. A fact significant to this decision was that the event is essentially characterised by a contact and conference format as well as the networking evening event. These elements will only be possible to a limited extent in 2021, if at all.

"The appeal of the E2 Forum Frankfurt is to share relevant building technology topics of the future with our industry and to make them the direct subject of cross-industry networking. We are taking a break this year and getting ready for an entirely appropriate E2 Forum Frankfurt: live, high-contact, 2022," explained Albert Schenk, Managing Director of OSMA Elevators and Chairman of the Board of the VDMA Trade Association for Elevators and Escalators.
Messe Frankfurt supports this view: "Facing the continuous contact restrictions and event requirements, we cannot yet recommend an implementation of this successful concept in 2021", said Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt. "The first E2 Forum in Frankfurt was a great success, and we want to continue this with the industry in 2022."

Strong tailwinds for E2 Forum Frankfurt 2022
The E2 Forum Frankfurt on 21 and 22 September 2022 (Wednesday and Thursday) has strong backing from the industry "For us, the E2 Forum Frankfurt 2022 is set. If it pauses this year, then that is a responsible and professional decision. And we support Messe Frankfurt's approach of enabling us exhibitors to coordinate closely and at an early stage", says Wolfgang Nothaft, Managing Director MEILLER Aufzugtüren. Hans Sacherer, Head of HighRise Sales & Consulting in TK Elevator's Europe-Africa business, has similar priorities: "As important as the E2 Forum Frankfurt is as a networking platform, the challenge of cushioning the Corona pandemic and its consequences in the interests of our participants from Germany as well as from abroad close to the border remains central: If live on site, let's do it right – in 2022!". Conclusion: The industry and operators in real estate, construction planning and building services are eagerly awaiting the date and the vivacity of the direct cross-industry contact. "We are putting the 2022 date on our trade fair calendar," said Peter Petz, partner in the international architecture network World-Architects based in Switzerland.

Members of the Exhibitor Advisory Board of the E2 Forum Frankfurt
These companies and institutions from the elevator and escalator industry are represented on the Exhibitor Advisory Board of the E2 Forum Frankfurt:
- Ebru Gemici-Loukas, VDMA Elevators and Escalators Division (Association of German Machine and Plant Manufacturers),
- Klaus Gerhards, WITTUR GmbH
- Udo Hoffmann, OTIS GmbH & Co. OHG Unternehmenszentrale Deutschland
- Dr. Peter Hug, VDMA Elevators and Escalators Division (Association of German Machine and Plant Manufacturers),
- Björn Kollmorgen, Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik GmbH
- Wolfgang Nothaft, MEILLER Aufzugtüren GmbH
- Dr. Meinolf Pohle, Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG
- Hans Sacherer, ThyssenKrupp Elevator (CENE) GmbH
- Albert Schenk, OSMA-Aufzüge Albert Schenk GmbH & Co. KG
- Martin Schmitt, Aufzugswerke Schmitt + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

E2 events for the building technology industries
The vertical-horizontal movement of people and goods within and between urban infrastructures calls for intelligent and interconnected building-systems technology. Messe Frankfurt brings together all relevant players who are seeking or offering market-ready solutions for these challenges. Thus creating an expert network, which is unrivalled worldwide: Building Technologies.
Accordingly, the trade-fair and exhibition organiser is expanding its marketing platforms and conferences around the globe. Today, Messe Frankfurt holds four events for elevators and escalators in Asia and Europe: With the International Elevator and Escalator (IEE) Expo in the metropolis of Mumbai, Messe Frankfurt provides the platform for the growing Indian market. The E2 Forums in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Milan (Italy) and also in Mumbai complement the portfolio as innovation forums for cross-industry dialogue between the industry and operators in the real estate sector, construction planning and building services technology.
In the expert field of building technologies Messe Frankfurt organises a total of 24 trade fairs on three continents, including the world’s two leading trade fair brands in the industry: Light + Building and ISH.

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