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Online edition of Eco Expo Asia 2020 launches next week

13 novembre 2020

The digital edition of Eco Expo Asia will go live next week, running from 16 – 27 November on Autumn Sourcing Week | ONLINE (ASWO). Participants will have the chance to virtually connect with digital exhibitors via the ASWO matching platform, Click2Match, to enable business interactions to continue, despite the pandemic disruption. What’s more, the well-regarded Eco Asia Conference will be available with a series of online webinars, forums and seminars, all accessible via the dedicated Intelligence Hub on the platform.

While the Covid-19 outbreak continues to hamper global business activities, online sourcing has become a solution to make trade transactions possible. For the environmental protection industry, this year’s edition of Eco Expo Asia offers a one-stop online sourcing experience for buyers and suppliers to connect and explore business opportunities across an array of sectors including: electrical vehicles, renewable energy, green buildings, green finance, waste management and more. Via Click2Match, buyers can search for exhibitors, conduct online meetings and continue to find new opportunities and collaborations as the industry continues to rapidly develop.

Commenting on the development of the industry in Hong Kong, Hon Wong Kam Sing, Secretary for the Environment, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government explained: “Green recovery is a global agenda. It has been announced in the Financial Secretary’s Budget, that we are going to launch the long-term decarbonisation strategy, improving air quality, promoting new energy vehicles and a circular economy to reduce waste. Hong Kong is one of the leading cities for decarbonisation in Asia. We are going to launch a new Green Tech Fund to support R&D efforts and business sectors to work on decarbonisation and various green technologies.” He continued to announce that major air pollutants in Hong Kong have been reduced by 30% in the past five years and that the first ever roadmap for electrical vehicles will soon be launched in the city. Lastly, Mr Wong stated that HKD 300 million per year will be invested into the recycling of waste paper, outlining the efforts being made by the HKSAR Government.

Eco Asia Conference discusses the latest green trends and government-to-business (G2B) opportunities

The highly informative Eco Asia Conference will return once again this year. 50 speakers will deliver seven sessions consisting of webinars and online forums at the Intelligence Hub on Autumn Sourcing Week | ONLINE, including presentations from six HKSAR Government departments. Two sessions to note, The Latest Development of Government Projects and The Latest Progress of Environmental Protection Work in the Greater Bay Area, will address the goals and developments of the Hong Kong and wider Greater Bay Area green industries, whilst highlighting the potential for G2B partnerships with exclusive insights from government departments.

Guest speakers and associations from a range of sectors will also offer their expert advice to cover topics such as: SDG implementation, textile & apparel, electric vehicles, renewable energy, food waste recycling, architecture, plastic recycling and more.

International and domestic pavilions offer comprehensive sourcing experience

With support from the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Government of Alberta, the Canada Pavilion will return with 15 companies specialising in cleantech and green building technologies and solutions including:

Clear Blue Technologies: provides Smart Off-Grid power technology and Energy-as-a-Service for cost-efficient power that can be installed anywhere, managed over the internet to deliver unmatched reliability & performance for use in telecoms, lighting and others.
solvAQUA Inc: enables the reuse of produced water and provides solutions for wastewater storage and polluted waterways which are engineered with the environment and economics at the forefront, while considering demand for sustainability & development at a low cost.
Advanced Technology Structures: has been at the forefront of developing new building technologies and has patented a new and more efficient way to build residential and commercial structures. They are working with partners in China to introduce this system to global markets.
TradeWorks Environmental Inc: a cleantech company focused on the treatment of organic waste and wastewater. Their environmentally beneficial technology delivers industry leading energy savings, reductions of excess sludge, GHGE, fats, oils and grease, and cleaner water.

In addition, the Hong Kong Pavilion, Korea Pavilion and three domestic pavilions (Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Shenzhen), recognising the potential in the Greater Bay Area, will join the fair to showcase the latest products and technologies from their countries and regions.