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Cleanzone Digital Edition: Registration is now open

08 ottobre 2020

Exhibitors can now register for the digital edition of Cleanzone
2020. The new format is focused on generating new contacts,
expanding knowledge through high-calibre presentations and the
interactive presentation of innovations.

Cleanzone will be taking place as a purely virtual event in 2020 on
account of the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions that have
been imposed as a result. Registration is now open for exhibitors at
Cleanzone Digital Edition, where they will benefit from a variety of
business functions. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to gain new
contacts, interactively present innovations and expand their expertise
through high-calibre presentations – the three main components of
virtual Cleanzone. All content will be available throughout the two-day
event, with some select content remaining accessible even after the
event has concluded – interested companies and individuals around the
globe can access the content around the clock, day or night, from Asia,
Europe and beyond. This means that participants and visitors at digital
Cleanzone will be able to take full advantage of the cleanroom and
contamination control expertise on offer. More information is available
online at:

Products in the digital spotlight
Cleanzone Digital Edition offers companies lots of possibilities for
showcasing their innovations. In addition to conventional product and
company profiles, exhibitors will be able to present their latest products
and innovations over live stream, where they can immediately react to
questions and suggestions posed by participants. Manufacturers,
associations and institutes can also use the event's digital conference
rooms to discuss products and topics in exclusive groups. There will also
be various advertising formats and sponsorship opportunities available.

Contacts, contacts, contacts
The digital world opens up countless new ways in which to make contact
with potential customers. Thanks to intelligent matchmaking, participants
at Cleanzone Digital Addition will receive proposals for new business
partners with whom they can exchange views in video calls or chats.
Quickly discovering who the right partners are – that is the idea behind
company ‘speed dating’, another AI-supported feature. Manufacturers
and users are brought together in brief sessions, after which new
meetings are set up with the most suitable contacts.

Expanding knowledge day and night
Sharing expertise: it is more important than ever in the innovative
cleanroom industry. The Cleanzone Conference has established itself as
a top-quality venue, and this year it will be focusing on modular
cleanroom systems in the life sciences, as well as the latest
developments and technologies in micro-production facility design.
Participants will be able to follow the conference programme throughout
the two-day event. Furthermore, those who are unable to view one or
more of the presentations will also be able to watch the recorded content
afterwards. Digital Cleanzone will also be focusing on presenting the
nominees for the Cleanzone Award and on the award ceremony.

The ticket shop will be open to visitors to the digital edition of Cleanzone
from 20 October. Everyone who takes part in Cleanzone during the year
of the coronavirus will benefit from a once-only offer of a free ticket – a
savings of 45 euros.

More information on Cleanzone Digital Edition and on exhibitor
registration is available at: 

More information on Cleanzone can be found at:

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