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Boundless creativity at Creativeworld 2020

21 aprile 2020

Creativeworld 2020 has celebrated freedom wholeheartedly: this year, more than ever, it is about giving people the means to become boundlessly creative. There are no limits to the combinations of materials and the traditional or innovative techniques that can be used to process them. On the contrary, it is all about diversity and individualisation.

As a worldwide trend platform, Creativeworld reflects new developments in the national and international DIY market every year. At the end of January, nearly 370 manufacturers showcased the direction of the creative journey in 2020. "Every year anew it is interesting to see what ideas the manufacturers come up with in order to develop the sector. Quite often the ideas they showcase are not world innovations, but rather further developments and new approaches to already existing techniques", says Michael Reichhold, Director of Creativeworld, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

The focus of the creative themes for 2020 is the need to combine old and new: furniture, accessories and clothing are given an update with chalk paints, glitter, and coarse embroidery, making them new favourite items. Bags, jackets, pencil cases and notebooks are transformed into trendy personal statements with sayings and lyrics. The important thing is that typography is used freely; what matters is personality rather than perfection.

Different materials are combined to make deliberately imperfect pieces, preferably with elements from nature. Stones that have been picked up are painted to make original place cards; textile remnants are transformed into reusable wax cloths with beeswax. The shapes and imprints of plants and flowers that have been collected become the motifs for festive invitations and framed artworks.
The Creativeworld trend team, Bora.Herke.Palmisano, has dedicated an entire trend world to this theme: 'work out'. It is where the stones, wood and grass collected become unique and individual pieces of jewellery, decorations, and small presents. The focus here is on creativity and the mix of materials: wooden objects, for example, are dipped in glittering acrylic paint and stones are decorated with paints.

The theme of sustainability is on everyone’s lips

Behind the new enjoyment of upcycling and the innovative treatment of objects taken from flora and fauna, creatives increasingly want to move in harmony with nature. This approach is reflected in the focus on recyclable materials, biodegradable ingredients, reduced packaging, refillable cartridges and certified wood. "The theme of sustainability has definitely arrived in our sector", says Martin Erler, Director at efco. "This began with papier-maché objects made from scrap paper, beeswax cloths, and fully compostable ironable beads made from certified plastic. Specialist retailers are reacting very well to the products because demand for them is growing." Katharina Jacobs from Rico corroborates the trend: "It is important for us to embrace the 'Fridays for Future' movement, to build a world where 'Nature Matters' and to try to do without packaging materials."

Publishers have also taken up the theme of sustainability, with book series on the theme of zero waste and the 'Creative Book of the Year': 'We’re saving the bees, hedgehogs and beetles! (Wir retten die Bienen, Igel und Käfer!)', which is produced by publishers frechverlag.

Urban art is the expression of pure creativity

Creative freedom has always been the defining feature of the urban art theme. The trend has grown steadily and it has finally become a regular component of creative retailers’ product ranges this year. Information about techniques, possibilities and concepts continues to play a big role here. Retailers can provide specific support to their customers in their search for forms of expression – above all with a successful mix of products and ideas for mixed media techniques. "Customers want to get professional advice and they are looking for new ideas and inspiration. This means that classic techniques, such as watercolour painting, and graffiti art are not mutually exclusive. They enhance one another", says Carlos Lorente, Director of the Style Scouts Graffiti Academy and curator of the Urban Art Lab concept area at Creativeworld. Even for children, the range of chalks and paints for asphalt is growing.

Resin art offers impressive possibilities

Everything to do with the theme of resin is new this year, be it cast artworks with a high-gloss finish, paperweights, or pieces of jewellery – synthetic resin has many facets and has already attracted a large following. Synthetic resin is strengthened by mixing it with a hardening agent, thereby producing a glass-like finish. Artworks can be coated in it, and this is a particularly good approach with textured objects. But with added pigments, colourfully glossy pictures with abstract or soft colour-shifts and objects, such as tabletops and decorative wooden resin sculptures, can be created. "Resin enables deep textures, high-gloss 3D images and a very special feel to be formed. Working with resin is a bit like meditating. Everything flows and feels relaxed", says Stefanie Etter, resin artist and art therapist, describing her work with synthetic resin.

Perennial creative favourites ('evergreens') continue to develop

Hand lettering, découpage, washi tape, stamps and die cutting: the favourites of past years have become true 'evergreens' and evolved further. These popular techniques encourage the trend for personalisation, making notebooks and diaries, recipe collections and bullet journal planners into unique companions. Even people can become a part of the artwork - with facial stamps and matching colours, skin-friendly coloured pencils for drawing motifs, and tattoo pens.

Acrylic pouring also remains a huge trend. Designing with alcohol-based inks is now an additional feature of the fluid art theme: whether it is flowing colour graduations, droplets or concrete motifs – imagination knows no bounds here as well.

Pastels are the colours of creativity and will continue to be so

In terms of colours, pastel shades continue to be the absolute highlight. From personalised stationery to furnishing accessories and textiles, above all pale pink, dusky pink and soft pink are indispensable in the cosmos of the creative person.

Next fair date:

Next year, Creativeworld will take place from 30 January to 2 February 2021.

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