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Creativeworld exhibitors support young artists

12 marzo 2020

The long-standing partnership between Creativeworld and the Frankfurt Children’s Office (Frankfurter Kinderbüro) paid dividends again this year for many children’s and youth organisations as more than 100 Creativeworld exhibitors made donations of craft materials. On 12 March, these donations were formally handed over to more than 50 organisations in the Riederwald district of Frankfurt.

For a three-year-old, a few coloured strokes on a sheet of paper can represent a car, a fairy or a dinosaur. For adults, these coloured lines are the expression of an imagination that needs to be encouraged. From a young age, children are keen to give free rein to their creativity – the coloured lines become pin men, recognisable cars or mythical unicorns. To allow such development to run its due course, children need materials such as paper, pencils, scissors, glue, stamps, canvas, brushes, paint - and a lot more. In many of Frankfurt’s children’s and youth organisations, however, there are insufficient funds to be able to afford such things.

“We know what equipment the toddler and play groups, pre-school and family centres have available and we are aware that there is a lack of precisely these creative materials in many districts of Frankfurt. That’s why we were so grateful that Messe Frankfurt approached us twelve years ago and launched this wonderful scheme to encourage donations for us,” says Madeleine Michaelis from the Frankfurt Children’s Office. “Over the years, the promotion has continued to grow, and has become more and more professional in terms of its organisation. So, we go round Creativeworld and appeal to all exhibitors in person to donate their craft materials after the fair. Messe Frankfurt make a stand available to us, free of charge, to enable us to do this, so that we have somewhere to meet up and can be in the midst of everything that’s going on.”

The largest international trade fair for hobby, art and craft supplies, Creativeworld brings together almost 370 exhibitors. Of these, 111 took part in the donation scheme this year, providing a brightly coloured and vibrant mix of products and materials and offering anything and everything that a young artistic soul could wish for. The H. Schmincke company from Erkrath has taken part in the donation scheme from the beginning and their managing director, Nils Knappe, says: “We think it’s a great idea to combine art with social projects, such as integration and the fostering of creativity. We are delighted to be supporting projects that introduce young people to art with our artists’ colours.” Dr. Florian Hawranek, Managing Director of C. Kreul, is also keen on the project: “We’re very pleased to be supporting the donation campaign run by the Children’s Office. It is important for children to paint, to make and create things using good paints. That makes it a valuable experience for them, makes it fun and helps them to produce unique pieces of work. So, the pleasure that the children get from it is motivating for us. Another stimulus is, of course, avoiding waste. After a trade fair, the boxes will have been opened to a greater or lesser extent, so that they can no longer be sold on the retail market. The donations scheme is perfect in this respect: we can make children happy and don’t have to spend time unnecessarily sorting through things. And both things tick boxes when it comes to sustainability.”

Hand-over of donations to more than 50 children’s and youth organisations

The Children’s Office invited people to attend the hand-over ceremony on 12 March 2020; amongst the 50 organisations were toddler and pre-school groups, youth clubs, primary schools, family and refugee centres. “It is great that we can reach such a range of groups with this scheme, from which more than 3,500 children and young people from socially disadvantaged areas will benefit,” says Michael Reichhold, Director of Creativeworld. “I am particularly pleased that our exhibitors have supported the scheme so generously, so that, together, we can all foster the creative talents of tomorrow.”

Many teachers have been coming to the formal hand-over ceremony for years and have specific ideas about which projects they need materials for. Martina Dehlinger, a member of the staff of the ‘Junges Museum Frankfurt’, has been attending the donations hand-over for a long time now: “We offer lots of different creative workshops, and I always find some great brushes, artists’ paints and high-quality papers here, that we can use, for instance, in our book-binding course. We organise an ‘urban sketching project’ in the Easter holidays, for which we need water-colour and gel pens and I’ve already found some suitable ones here in the past. Manuela Melzer, a teacher in the Jasperstraße Children’s and Family Centre in Preungesheim, is here to find some specific things amongst the donations: “I’m on the lookout for high-quality paper, patterned perforating cutters and pretty items such as glitter and pearls. Our budget doesn’t run to materials like that. We have a large creativity room in which children can give free rein to their imagination and I offer special projects, for which I use the quality materials I get from the donations scheme. I am always delighted at the end of a project to see how proud the children are of their own artwork.” Victoria Urban, a teacher on the staff of the Engelbert Humperdinck primary school, comes to the donations session to get creative ideas for her work: “I see so many different materials and new products here, that I always take away with me lots of ideas to try out with the children. And when I choose specific items, I can already see the children, for whom the materials will be suitable, in front of me.”

Always worth a visit: ‘KinderArt’ - art by children for children – at the Frankfurt Children’s Office

What eventually comes out of the Creativeworld donations is presented every year in the ‘KinderArt’ exhibition at the Frankfurt Children’s Office. Art works from all the organisations that benefitted from the donations are displayed in the exhibition. The collection this year is all about Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Healthcare. The focus is on life on our planet, healthy teeth for the youngest artists and healthy food for the older ones. There are 49 pieces of work on show. Over 220 children aged 2-15 took part in the exhibition.

The 2020 KinderArt exhibition can be viewed throughout the year in the rooms of the Frankfurt Children’s Office.

KinderArt 2021, which will result from this year’s donations, will focus on Articles 28 and 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 28 is concerned with the right to education and vocational training and Article 29 deals with educational aims and educational institutions.

Creativeworld exhibitors, who participated in the 2020 donations scheme:

Morocolor Italia S.p.A.

Molax GmbH

St Cuthberts Mill Ltd

eagle kreativ Deutschland GmbH

Havo B.V.

Lyra Bleistift Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Niefenver Iberica, SL

Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH


Epoch Chemical Co., Ltd.

H. Schmincke & Co. GmbH & Co. KG

Madrid Papel Import S.L.

Mapac Group Limited

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG

Magnani 1404 S.r.l.

Javier Herranz, S.L.

Ellison Europe Ltd.

Tonic Studios Ltd.

Christian Verlag GmbH

C. Kreul GmbH & Co. KG

Lion Office Products Corp.

Art Materials Ltd.

Max Bringmann KG

F.M. Brush Co., Inc.

A. Haussmann GmbH

Staedtler Mars GmbH & Co. KG

Acrylicos Vallejo S.L.



Art Material International

CREARTEC trend design GmbH

frechverlag GmbH

AMEWI Trade e.K.

OLFA Corporation

Vaessen Beheer B.V.

Angel Malma s.r.o.

Sairam International Pvt. Ltd.

Max Sauer SAS

Creative Arts Products Limited

DecoArt INC

Educational Art & Craft Supplies Ltd

Yisheng Industries Ltd.

Smart Fab International LLC

Daler-Rowney Ltd.

Zahidna Promyslova Grupa PJSC

Turan Boya San ve Tic Ltd Sti.

Canson SAS

La Francaise des Couleurs SAS

Manuscript Pen Co., Ltd.

F.I.L.A. S.p.A.

Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co., Ltd

HOBBYRING Creativ + Freizeit

Industria Maimeri S.p.A

Furnart Ahsap Urunleri

Bernasconi Fratelli di Umberto

Princeton Art & Brush

Nara Global Co., Ltd.

Mont Marte International Pty. Ltd.

Dixon Ticonderoga Company

Printindo Mega Utama, PT


Shenzhen Honest Industry Co., Ltd.

Shri Ganesha

Surbright Enterprises Co., Ltd.

By the Buy

IP Kasparas A.B.

AEC Offshore Trading Pvt Ltd

Bobilon - PE Reshetnikova

Cousin Corporation of America

Xiamen Qilei

Shenzhen Zebras International Technology

Splat Planet Limited

Chance Line Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Marie Painting Materials

Tianchang Shuangfeng Stationery

Chee Wah Corporation Berhad

Best Creation, Inc

Productos Para Manualidades


Distribuidora Universal SL

Polyform Products Company


Wm Sinclair & Sons (Stationers) Ltd



Kreativplotter GmbH & Co. KG

Shanghai Fortune Stationery Co., Ltd.


Spellbinders Creative Arts

Crafter's Companion Ltd.

Eclectic Products LLC

P13 K. Synakiewicz, L. Ciubak s.c.

Montana Colors S.L.

Heartfelt Creations


BD - TOVA, s.r.o.

Tombow Pen & Pencil GmbH


Sunny Pro Co., Ltd.

Alres B.V.

Jong IE Nara Co., Ltd.

A R Impex

Heyuan City Wingart Enterprises Co.,

Main Street srl

Liliya Holding (Technical Paper)

CraftLab Marcin Machnacz

Chun Pao Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Stix2 - UK Industrial Tapes Limited

Clairefontaine Rhodia

Mont Marte International Pty Ltd


Dates of next show:

The next Creativeworld will take place from 30 January – 2 February 2021.

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