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Remanexpo product area with new hall concept for Paperworld 2021

03 giugno 2020

The Remanexpo product area has been an integral and important part of Paperworld for over ten years. For the coming event (30 January - 2 February 2021), the product range is being regrouped in Hall 6.1. Focusing on the three key sectors of Reuse, Distribution and Print Plus enables the fair to showcase the full spectrum of the market to the widest direct and indirect market.

The Remanexpo product area in hall 6.1 has been an integral part of Paperworld for more than ten years. The event format for 2021 and beyond is now being updated in consultation with key industry players to reflect current trends. Over the past decade, the product area has evolved from being a market for OEM and remanufactured products to become a platform for OEM, remanufactured and, in recent years, new non-OEM products. At the same time, office printing is still a €10 billion industry, but the days of rapid introductions of print technology and high growth are behind us. The future is nonetheless still full of amazing opportunities.

This is why the hall concept and combination of product groups in the Remanexpo area are being adapted for Paperworld 2021. "We are observing constant change within the market that we would now like to accommodate with the new concept. And it’s all about the audience, we don’t want them to merely consider coming, there is no way they can miss this event. We want them to come and learn, network, get informed and inspired”, says Michael Reichhold, Director of Paperworld.

Remanexpo with three distinct sectors

The zone concept is a fresh approach to a changing market. A market where reuse, distribution and new products, technologies and services are competing to engage with the market. Each zone has its unique identity and enables exhibitors to position their business, products and services in the relevant zone. For visitors, the zones will enable them to get the most out of their time at the show and navigate the hall more effectively to find the products and services they seek.

The three zones in the Remanexpo area:

  1. Reuse Zone with remanufactured printer products, services and dedicated supplies. The main business is the reprocessing of printer material. Remanufacturers are under competitive pressure and are clearly challenged by OEMs on one side and new non-OEM producers on the other.
  2. Distributor Zone with distributors, full-service providers, component suppliers, OEM and aftermarket dealers (Data Direct) as well as companies with a full range of products and service provider. The distributor sector provides parts and components to remanufacturers and new non-OEM producers.
  3. Print Plus Zone with any product or service that does not fit into the reuse or distributor category. This can include anything from printer software, 3D printing, new technologies and products etc. The exhibitors consist of new, up-and-coming and mainstream producers positioned outside the reuse or distribution zone.

The Recycler Live Seminars and Awards

The event will once again be accompanied by "The Recycler Live Seminars" in Hall 6.1. Visitors to the four-day congress will experience a varied series of presentations on the latest developments in the field of remanufactured printer consumables and hardcopy components. The congress is free of charge and the talks are held in English. The renowned Recycler Awards will also be presented to selected industry representatives in the congress area. Trade journal "The Recycler" is looking for the best producers and suppliers in the product area of remanufactured printer accessories. The "Recycler Award" is presented in the following five categories: Remanufacturer of the Year, Supplier of the Year, Innovation of the Year, Customer Service of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year. In 2021, a new Sustainability category will be added. This is a valuable addition and underlines the Paperworld focus on sustainability set for next year.

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