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Tendence 2020 cancelled

26 marzo 2020

In response to the worsening situation concerning the coronavirus pandemic and in view of the current challenges facing German and European retailers, Tendence 2020 has been cancelled. This means that Nordstil in Hamburg, from 25 to 27 July 2020, will be the first opportunity for pre-order suppliers for spring and summer 2021, as there will be no other order trade fairs for these product lines this year.

Both national and international retailers are presently being faced with very sudden, stormy developments, so that any plans, whether short or medium-term, are becoming obsolete extremely quickly. Under these circumstances and upon coordination with exhibitors’ representatives and associations, the organisers have therefore decided to cancel Tendence 2020, so that all stakeholders can reliably plan ahead. “We’ve been fighting hard, leaving no stone unturned, to see whether we might hold Tendence here in Frankfurt at the end of June, despite the current very tense situation. However, as the coronavirus situation has now taken another turn for the worse, we regret that have no choice but to cancel the event. We would be very pleased to welcome the industry here in Frankfurt again in 2021,” says Stephan Kurzawski, Senior Vice President of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition. Thomas Grothkopp, Managing Director of the German Trade Association for Residential Accommodation and Offices (HWB) commented on the decision: “The coronavirus crisis is forcing all of us to make tough decisions that would have been unthinkable two months ago. Unfortunately, the essential ordering platform Tendence has now also become a victim of coronavirus.”

As a necessary consequence of cancelling Tendence and to support the industry, Messe Frankfurt will be offering Nordstil in Hamburg (25 to 27 July 2020) as the first platform for the 2021 spring and summer collections as well. Due to the current situation, Nordstil will be providing a special dedicated area for the Tendence product segment Sunshine State, designed for large-volume suppliers with new product lines for spring/summer 2021 (formerly Hall 11.0). All buyers who had wanted to pre-order for the coming spring and summer 2021 at Tendence will be given an opportunity to do so only a few weeks later in Hamburg. Grothkopp added: “Including parts of Tendence in Nordstil is an excellent idea. The spring season has largely failed to materialise for the retail trade, but we’re hoping that our retailers will be able to place orders for autumn and winter at Nordstil.”

In addition, Nextrade ( provides retailers with an ordering and marketing tool that offers new opportunities, particularly in view of the latest developments, and which is therefore very much in demand. Nextrade enables exhibitors and visitors to continue their business relationships not only during but also between trade fairs. Retailers can place their orders with Nextrade suppliers at any time of the day, online and therefore regardless of the official restrictions that are in force right now. Tendence exhibitors do not need to pay the annual standing charge for 2020.

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