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Automechanika Istanbul is postponed to 2021 calendar year

15 maggio 2020

In 2019, Turkey’s Leading International Automotive Industry Fair hosted 1.397
exhibitors from 37 countries and 48.737 visitors from 130 countries breaking its own
records once more. Unfortunately, our excitement had to be cut short for the 2020 year.
Although in 2020 Automechanika Istanbul Fair was again expected to set new records,
regrettably, in light of the recent unforeseeable global health concerns and
developments regarding the rapidly spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) virus,
classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, to an unprecedent area in
a rapid speed, we have had to take into consideration ours and all parties’ duties
towards public health. As a result of liaising with the national regulatory and
supervisory authorities including commerce chambers, the industry’s leading
associations and unions, the stakeholders of Automechanika Istanbul, and various
correspondences and requests received from attendees and exhibitors of the fair, in
order to not result with any forfeiture of rights or aggrievement, Automechanika
Istanbul fair which was initially projected to be held between the dates of 2-5 April 2020
and then postponed to the dates of 25-28 June 2020 now is postponed to the dates of
8-11 April 2021.

Turkey’s Leading International Automotive Industry Fair will be now be taking place
between 8-11 April 2021.

The Coronavirus epidemic has spread at an unforeseeable pace and has been classified as
a global pandemic by the World Health Organization with the adverse ripple effects of this
pandemic being felt globally, ranging from the economy to healthcare, with national and
international authorities all declaring and agreeing on the grave and great public health risks
it poses. In this aspect, we have taken into consideration the hindrance that the international
travel restrictions and Turkish domestic travel restrictions could cause on potential visitors and
exhibitor entities, together with ours and all parties duties towards the elimination of public
health risks, and following the path set by many similar international fairs within the industry,
we have had to amend the dates of the fair and postpone it to the 2021 calendar year.

Automechanika Istanbul returns in 2021 between April 8th and 11th.
The world’s third largest and Turkey’s leading international automotive industry fair shall
convene for a 14th time in 2021 between the dates of 8-11 April. 2019 was a record shattering
year for Automechanika Istanbul with 1397 attendees hosting a grand total of 48,737 visitors
hailing from all over the globe. The fair gathers the Turkish, North African, European, and
Middle Eastern automotive industries and acts as an indispensable meeting hub for Turkey
and the surrounding region.

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