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Exploring the frontiers of parking and mobility: Parking China returns in August

18 luglio 2023

Smart parking technologies are constantly evolving to support the transformation of China’s automotive industry towards intelligence and connectivity. In response to the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the parking industry has intensified its efforts to construct and enhance charging facilities. Parking China 2023 will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from 29 to 31 August 2023, bringing cutting-edge products and solutions in the fields of smart parking and battery charging and swapping technologies. The fair will cover the latest industry topics and assist in addressing a wide range of parking challenges.

In recent years, China has accelerated the development and construction of its smart parking infrastructure. In April 2023, the city of Beijing implemented a set of local unified smart parking standards, promoting industry evolution and improve service levels for car park management companies in the city.

The country has also released guidance aimed at improving the intelligence of charging systems, encouraging innovation, and
connecting electric vehicles with high-quality charging, transportation, and power networks.

Parking China 2023 will leverage the collective support of government policy, urban planning, and market demand to seamlessly integrate smart parking and battery charging and swapping technologies. This move attempts to promote product optimisation, foster further technological breakthroughs, and stimulate the new energy market as a whole.

Showcasing a wide range of parking products and solutions
To capitalise on the market’s growth potential, this year’s exposition will exhibit a wide array of parking-related products and solutions. This comprehensive parking ecosystem aims to assist parking companies in capturing market share. Highlights include:

  • Positioning and navigation solutions
    The Shanghai government's directive on accelerating the construction of smart car parks divides the city’s public car parks
    into three grades based on their level of automation. Car parks are classified based on their ability to fulfill the needs of
    pedestrian navigation (Grade G1), car navigation (Grade G2), and autonomous driving (Grade G3), respectively.                  Most parking companies have already introduced features such as walking navigation, intelligent car location systems, and
    parking reservations. A number of exhibitors will showcase the latest positioning and navigation technologies at the fair
  • Smart parking and charging managment system
    Recent advancements in digital technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and cloud servers, have
    significantly improved the functionality of parking software in conjunction with hardware devices. Devices that stand to gain
    from these enhanced capabilities include handheld license platerecognition equipment, magnetic sensors, patrol cars,  parking locks, camera poles, and management systems. In the case of smart management systems, automated timing and billing functionalities minimise the potential for fee disputes, improving the process of fee collection while streamlining parking and payment processes.
  • Electronic toll collection (ETC) parking technologies
    Initially, ETC systems were used primarily for highway, multi-lane, and car park toll collection. However, with the advancement ofsmart technologies, the applications of ETC have expanded to include unattended monitoring, intelligent refueling, intelligent car washes and more. Implementing an unattended monitoring solution allows for the autonomous management of car park operations, facilitating transparent pricing, reducing congestion, and improving overall user experience.
  • New energy battery charging and swapping technologies
    In response to the national goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the new energy vehicle market is experiencing rapid growth, accompanied by the continuous advancement of charging and swapping technologies. It is estimated that the
    number of charging facilities in China will reach nearly 17.7 million units in 2026, and the market size will exceed RMB 200
    billion3. This year's fair will bring together many new products, technologies, and solutions related to charging infrastructure.
  • Vehicle connectivity                                                                                                                                                        The automotive industry in China has entered a golden age of intelligence and connectivity, providing a robust foundation for the development of autonomous driving technology. Notably, L2+ autonomous driving is steadily gaining traction, and there is a concerted effort to introduce unmanned delivery, street cleaning, and taxi services.

Fostering business opportunities: leading brands on display
The fair will host a range of prominent companies in the parking industry,including ABB, Aijia, Aipulnion, Amppal, Beijing Yunxingyu, Blovedream, Blueiot, Boxun, CTP, Dabo, Deya, E-biu, Etong Tech, Heta Tech, Huasai, Innotek, Jiangsu Ruolin, Jiangxi Shanshui, JustTrust, Pay & Go, Radar Eye, Ruanjie, Seeklane, Shandong Expressway, Simboss, Ting Yitong, Wuzhou Yuxin, Yizhiting, ZhaoWei, Zhebo, Safei, and Zhumengyuan.

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