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Safe on stage: The “International Event Safety & Security Conference” at Prolight + Sound 2023

03 aprile 2023

The requirements for security at events are constantly increasing. Modern security concepts are therefore more important than ever in order to meet the current challenges with optimism. At the “International Event Safety & Security Conference” (I-ESC), renowned speakers will discuss issues relating to event safety and current topics in the event and live entertainment industry. The I-ESC will take place on Wednesday, 26 April 2023 as part of Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt am Main and will offer participants numerous opportunities for discussion and networking.

What do event organisers need to consider when it comes to event safety? How can they ensure the safety of their employees? What are the new standards? And how can successful occupational health and safety play a role in addressing the current labour shortages? Experts from associations, agencies, professional associations and companies will answer these and other questions during the International Event Safety & Security Conference at Prolight + Sound.

The programme is organised by The Association of Media and Event Technology (VPLT), and will be presented in German and English. Randell Greenlee, Head of Business and International Affairs at the VPLT, will open the event and lead through the day. Participants are invited to join in the discussion and share their own practical experiences as well as discuss new approaches together.

The programme focuses, among other topics, on legal requirements for the conception and implementation of events as well as the latest normative guidelines for event safety in Germany. Fire protection and risk assessment to evaluate the safety situation are also a thematic focus. In this context, conference participants will gain insight into how funds and resources can be used efficiently and in a targeted manner. In addition, the speakers will show new ways in which occupational safety can contribute to greater satisfaction among employees in the event industry.

A special highlight of the conference is the panel at the end of the lecture programme. The panel is intended to stimulate intensive discourse and facilitate exchange between conference visitors and relevant players in the industry. Randell Greenlee (VPLT), Sven Hansen (bvvs), Bruno Marx (Eventknowhow) and Richard Nix (ANSI/ESWG) will discuss the major global industry issues and address concerns and challenges facing the live performance industry in the wake of the pandemic.

The lecture programme at the International Event Safety + Security Conference:






The risk assessment as a central multi-risk assessment tool


Sven Hansen (bvvs)


Applied occupational health and safety as a means of combating personnel shortages and staff turnover


Falco Zanini (DPVT)


Use of residual current circuit breakers (RCD) in mobile electrical systems of event technology


Jörg Braeutigam (VBG)

Sven Kubin (VBG)



Workplace accidents in the event industry – report from Sifas from the field & roundtable


Petra Krienelke (GbR)

Karsten Schrott (Neumann & Müller GmbH & Co. KG)






Fire protection at events – about protection goals, requirements and solution approaches

DE Sebastian Krämer (HHP West)



Temporary Demountable Structures in Germany – Examination and Approval


Matthias Moeller (SIXTY82 BV)




Who Is The Manufacturer: Integration Of Machinery and Controls


Cristiano Giavedoni (BLUMANO)


ANSI ESTA-TSP Event Safety Standards – In Focus: ANSI ES1.18 – 2022, Event Safety – Rigging


Richard Nix (ANSI/ESWG)


PANEL: Global Challenges for Event Safety – Perspectives and Solutions


Randell Greenlee (VPLT)

Bruno Marx (Eventknowhow)

Richard Nix (ANSI/ESWG)

Sven Hansen (bvvs)

The programme takes place in Hall 11.0 in the “Korall” room.

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