Tutti i comunicati stampa relativi alle fiere del gruppo Messe Frankfurt

Tutti i Comunicati stampa

Perfect digital supplement to the trade fair experience on site - with guided tours, live keynotes and trend presentations

18 gennaio 2023

Whether digital product presentation, networking with other participants or streaming of events: the online platform Digital Extension creates an unique trade fair experience virtually. The three leading international consumer goods fairs Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld from 3/4 to 7 February 2023 thus offer the ideal mix of live and digital.

Those who want to network and follow exciting trade fair highlights in addition to the live fair experience of the three leading international consumer goods fairs can use the supplementary online platform Digital Extension for this purpose. Under the moderation of Marilyn Repp, Deputy General Manager of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Handel of the German Retail Federation, a varied 1.5 hour content stream programme is on the daily agenda - consisting of a mix of guided tours followed by live questions for the respective guide, a live keynote and a trend lecture on the Ambiente, Christmasworld or Creativeworld trends by the style agency Bora.Herke.Palmisano. "In order to convey the live experience virtually, especially for visitors who are unable to travel to the fair, we will be offering a selected cross-section of our most important Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld highlights. Of course, the trends developed for us by the style agency Bora.Herke.Palmisano - describing the groundbreaking designs - will not be missing. We are particularly pleased to have won over the renowned keynote speakers Gemma Giberti, Dimi Leivadas, Karim Rashid, Sebastian Holmbäck and Tai Elshorst-Delofski. They will provide the consumer goods industry with essential food for thought", emphasises Julia Uherek, Head of Consumer Goods Fairs.
The Guided Tours provide participants with inspiration from renowned representatives from the industry. The tours also give exhibitors a chance to speak, convey impressions and highlights of the fairs and thus make the live experience more tangible.

Those who are interested should definitely take note of these dates.

Agenda content stream programme at the Digital Extension

Friday, 3.2.2023, 06:00 – 07:30 pm

  • Guided Tour with Rudi Tuinman, Creative Director 2Dezign – to the Christmasworld + live questions
  • Live-Keynote: Gemma Riberti, Head of Interiors WGSN Mindset: „The consumers of the future 2024 - their expectations and how to meet them.“ In her presentation, the expert for trend forecasts in the interior sector reveals what will drive consumers in 2024 and gives participants the right tools to best reach the end customer.
  • Christmasworld Trends 23+ with Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano

Saturday, 4.2.2023, 9:00 - 10:30 am

  • Guided Tour with Pierre Nierhaus, Trend expert Hospitality – to Ambiente Dining + live questions
  • Live-Keynote: Dimi Leivadas, Founder & CEO Delta Lambda Hospitality: "How to create trusting and successful relationships between owners, teams, guests, and suppliers in the hospitality industry." The talk gives tips around building a professional network and ecosystem, asks questions about tradition and innovation and calls for investment in human capital.
  • Ambiente Trends 23+ with Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano

Sunday, 5.2.2023, 9:00 - 10:30 am

  • Guided Tour with Sebastian Bergne, British industrial designer – to Ambiente Giving/Living/Working + live questions
  • Live-Keynote: Karim Rashid, Creator Karim Rashid Inc. „Global Thinking, Global Shaping.“ The renowned New York designer sees industrial design as something that shapes society as well as each person individually and talks about influences and opportunities through globalisation.
  • Ambiente Trends 23+ with Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano

Monday, 6.2.2023, 6:00 - 07:30 pm

  • Guided Tour with Kees Bronk, Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) and member of the Ethical Style Jury – about the top issue Sustainability + live questions
  • Live-Keynote: Sebastian Holmbäck, industrial designer and visual artist from Denmark: "Design objects as cultural markers and why you should care about them." The multiple award winner explains why a cultural marker in the portfolio is becoming increasingly important and what is the formula for this. In his opinion, products must gain significance and relevance in the future in order to stand out from the crowd and inspire consumers.
  • Ambiente Trends 23+ with Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano

Tuesday, 7.2.2023, 9:00 - 10:30 am

  • Guided Tour with Martina Lammel, german designerin and „DYI-Queen“– to Creativeworld + live questions
  • Live-Keynote: Tai Elshorst-Delofski, designer, artist and und art therapist M.A.: "Artful wickerwork objects - unique and sustainable." With an unconventional and process-oriented hands-on approach, Tai Elshorst-Delofski wants to stimulate the creativity of the audience and inspire them to make their own creations.
  • Creativeworld Trends 2023 with Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano

The lectures will be broadcast on two channels - in German and in English.

Smart digital extensions

With the Digital Extension visitors can participate hybrid or purely digitally parallel to the leading trade fairs on site. This means they can be there live as well as network online before, during and after the event and experience trade fair highlights, Guided Tours, keynotes and trend lectures. Exhibitors use the platform to present their products and to network directly with visitors in video calls or live streams.

As an effective matchmaking tool, the Digital Extension platform has been available to all participants since 13 January 2023 to create their own company or buyer profile, search for contacts and arrange appointments. At the same time, the platform will remain accessible after the event until 17 February 2023. This enables optimal post-fair business and offers the chance to make important business contacts even afterwards.

The online exhibitor search, the order and content platform for Home & Living, nmedia.hub, the Conzoom Solutions knowledge platform, the Ambiente Blog and the social media channels of Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld are also available during the year for networking, ordering and gathering knowledge.

From February 2023, the leading international consumer goods fairs Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will be held simultaneously at the Frankfurt exhibition centre.

  • Ambiente/Christmasworld: 3 to 7 February 2023
  • Creativeworld: 4 to 7 February 2023

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