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Clever solutions for tomorrow's kitchen and household: Special Presentation Solutions 2023

17 gennaio 2023

With form and function, the special presentation Solutions in Galleria 1 tackles the challenges in the kitchen and household. For the tenth time at Ambiente, Sebastian Bergne is showing a selection of innovative problem solvers and how they creatively make our everyday lives easier.

Bergne is particularly fascinated by design that solves everyday problems as simplyas possible. This year, the London-based industrial designer has selected a total of 20 exciting products for the special presentation Solutions, from which users really benefit. He places particular emphasis on the aesthetic compatibility of function and design. What qualifies them: clever ideas and functional details that turn products into exceptionally useful kitchen and household helpers. Whether sustainable solutions for the benefit of the environment, multifunctional use as an answer to urbanisation or everyday helpers for people with individual diets. All the selected solutions will be presented from 3 to 7 February 2023 at Ambiente in Galleria 1. The special presentation will also include short videos. These will illustrate how the kitchen and household aids are used.

Mixing Kit 5Pz from Alessi

The Solutions Selection 2023 includes the Mixing Kit 5Pz/The tending Box by Alessi. The set for preparing mixed cocktails consists of a bar strainer, a mixing glass, a cocktail measuring cup, a stirring spoon and a bar whisk. The designer Giulio Iacchetti has designed this set in cooperation with the mixologist Oscar Quagliarini and has paid attention to a clear, soft design line. Although the set is one of the most classic devices of this discipline, the Mixing Kit by Alessi is reinterpreted in a balanced synthesis of form and function, making it a clever solution in the household.

Mulsi (the Emulsionizer ®) from Chufamix

Mulsi (the Emulsifier ®) is the new, improved version of the Vegan Milker®. It allows you to make your own plant milk at home from any nut, grain or seed in just five minutes. But Mulsi can do even more: in addition to plant milk, the Emulsionizer ® can extract whole coffee beans to make the most delicious coffee combinations.

Fire tool set from Höfats

Another clever solution is the fire tool set. It consists of fire tongs, poker with flame blower as well as a weighted wooden base to store the tools safely. The robust fire tongs made of solid stainless steel provide a secure grip to move firewood or barbecue food. The chute hook has a flame blower tube integrated and thus enables a safe lighting of the fire.

Shark bowl scraper from Shimoyama

The curvature of the shark bowl scraper adapts perfectly to the mixing bowl so that dough or cream residues can be scraped out easily. The shape of a shark's back fin allows the scraper to stand upright, so it doesn't cause any mess in the kitchen. The thin and flexible dorsal fin shape can also be used to cut dough.

Solutions 2023 – all products in the selection

Mixing Kit 5Pz (Alessi), Bread baking frame (RBV Birkmann), MULSI (the Emulsionizer ®) (Chufamix), Mensura Kitchen Scale (F & H), Smart bottle (Fashy), Silicon and Glass lid (Food Huggers), Magic Pot (Genius), Eco Packly Multipurpose container (Fratelli Guzzini), Fire tool set (Höfats), Topfi (home3000 - Annette Makowski), Cake divider (Lares Blechwarenfabrik), Veggie Snacks (Lékué), Flip storage (Lékué), Pizzabox (koziol – ideas for friends), Storage boxes with lid (Riess Kelomat), Shark bowl scraper (Shimoyama), Fruit shelf fruits on air (side by side), Cosmo colander (Veca), Dolina funel (Veca), Reborn (Véritable).

Further information and pictures of the special presentation Solutions are available online at:

From February 2023, Ambiente will be held at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre at the same time as the leading international consumer-goods fairs Christmasworld and Creativeworld.

  • Ambiente/Christmasworld: 3 to 7 February 2023
  • Creativeworld: 4 to 7 February 2023

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