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Sustainability in focus: "Ethical Style" with new spots on site at Frankfurt’s consumer goods fairs

26 settembre 2022

The various facets of sustainability are the focus of the Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld consumer-goods fairs. This is achieved both with the Ethical Style programme, in which Christmasworld and Creativeworld exhibitors can now also participate, and with spots on the exhibition grounds, which put the spotlight on sustainable products in all their diversity.

Today, sustainability is a worldwide social and economic core topic with enormous reach and importance. More and more people are becoming more mindful and critical when shopping, are usually well informed and ask about the origin, manufacturing conditions as well as materials and background of the products on offer. A growing number of suppliers are adapting to this - parallel to this, the Frankfurt consumer goods fairs are continuing to focus on the topic of sustainability. This includes Ambiente's tried and tested Special Interest Ethical Style, which will also be featured at the Christmasworld and Creativeworld trade fairs in 2023. "Each of our consumer-goods fairs has its own aspects and focal points when it comes to sustainability. The Special Interest Ethical Style helps visitors to grasp this range in a more structured way and in all its diversity. Where else, if not at trade fairs, can so many companies present their sustainable products and solutions to such an international audience at the same time?", says Julia Uherek, Head of Consumer Goods Fairs.

As a curated selection, Ethical Style draws attention to suppliers who make a special contribution in the field of sustainability. Every exhibitor at Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld can apply for the programmes.

The deadline for applications is 18 November 2022.

Applications can be submitted in one or more of these six categories:

  • Eco-Friendly Material
  • Eco-Optimised Production
  • Fair & Social Production
  • Re-/Upcycling Design
  • Handmade Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Innovation

An independent jury of international experts decides which companies and products are included. The jury consists of Christina Bocher (DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH), Kees Bronk (CBI, centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries), Lutz Dietzold (German Design Council), Max Gilgenmann (expert for textile sustainability criteria), Sabine Meyer (Side by Side, Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten) and Mimi Sewalski (

Ecologically and socially responsible exhibitors selected by the jury on the basis of their application will receive an Ethical Style mark in the online exhibitor search as well as a mark on their stand on site.

In addition, for the first time there will be four Ethical Style spots at the fair: one each in Ambiente Dining, Ambiente Giving/Living, Creativeworld and Christmasworld. There, trade visitors will find six theme islands on each of the above-mentioned categories, which will be equipped with exhibitors' products. The four special presentations provide both exhibitors and visitors with valuable inspiration for the point of sale and put a spotlight on sustainability. The focus is always on the aspect of diversity in sustainability, which is implemented and shown by small companies as well as top brands in the industry. At the same time, it is encouraged to create a transfer of knowledge and to open up new business contacts for the visitors.

You are an exhibitor and would like to participate?

Then register here:

Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will in future be held simultaneously at the Frankfurt exhibition centre.

  • Ambiente/Christmasworld: 3 to 7 February 2023
  • Creativeworld: 4 to 7 February 2023

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