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Music China to return as the ideal platform to boost business in the 4th quarter of the year

17 giugno 2020

The 2020 edition of Music China will take place from 28 to 31 October at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. With the ease of anti-coronavirus measures in many parts of the world, businesses across a wide variety of sectors are targeting a resumption of normal economic activities. Music China, Asia’s largest trade fair for musical instruments, will be the last major event of its kind for the last quarter of 2020. A number of the world’s renowned brands have already confirmed their participation at this October’s event, which is expected to play an important role in pulling manufacturers, suppliers, agents, buyers and music enthusiasts back together, to do business and mingle in one of the world’s most vibrant commercial hubs – Shanghai.

After months of economic downturn in cities around the globe, the importance of a large-scale, well-recognised industry trade fair such as Music China has never been higher. The organiser, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, is optimistic about this year’s show. Ms Judy Cheung, the Deputy General Manager said: “When the circumstances ease, Music China will play a crucial role in helping speed up a recovery in the musical instruments industry. While looking forward to the 2020 edition with a positive outlook, we are monitoring the situation closely and will take timely action to adapt to changes in the situation.”

International brands demonstrate confidence in Music China

During this challenging year, stakeholders from across the entire industry are eagerly looking for opportunities to expand their business and grow their networks. As early as June, many leading brands had already confirmed their participation at Music China – reflecting both their trust in the fair, as well as their expectations for an economic rebound. Some of the top-notch international brands already confirmed to appear include BAM, Bergerault, Casio, Kawai, PianoDisc, Saga, Samick, Schimmel, Seiko, Steinway, Taylor, Thomastik, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and many more.
Domestic brands such as Beijing Shengshi Zhongze Yueqi, Guangzhou Digital Music Element, Ningbo Hailun Piano, Hebei Jinyin Musical Instruments, Hsinghai Piano, Parsons Music, Guangzhou Pearl River Piano, Shanghai Music Publishing House and Yantai Kingsburg Piano will also join the 2020 show. This widespread industry turnout further solidifies the reputation of Music China as a reliable destination for both domestic and international companies to gain a foothold in the Chinese market.
During the four-day show, the fair’s exhibiting brands will display their latest products, ensuring visitors are able to catch a glimpse of the industry’s up-to-date product offerings. The piano maker heavyweight Steinway, for example – known for making pianos of high quality – will showcase their Crown Jewels series 20th anniversary limited edition piano. Similarly, Yamaha, the world's largest piano manufacturing company, will continue to focus on showcasing its finest quality products as well as its "black technology" – an innovation that is far more advanced than anything else currently available in the market. The booth is expected to gain heavy foot traffic with the company bringing both visual and audio enjoyment to visitors.
Ms Kay Chen, Marketing Division Representative of Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co Ltd, shared her views on the value of Music China. She explained: “The outbreak of the epidemic has dwindled global economic activities to a large extent, and the global supply chain has also been affected. Over the short term, it has had a huge impact across many different industries. To combat these negative effects, we want to utilise Music China’s industry influence as a promotional channel. Exhibiting at Music China will enable us to reinforce our brand image and fully demonstrate our strengths.”

An effective platform for foreign brands to gain a foothold in the Chinese market

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, industry players remain positive about the Chinese market, whilst the statistics also point to a bright future for the musical instruments business in the country. Revenue in China’s musical instruments segment is expected to reach USD7,059 million1 in 2020, contributing over 20% of global revenue, and growing annually by 7% (CAGR 2020-2023)2.

Recognised as an effective gateway for foreign companies to step into the domestic market, and leverage all of the business opportunities the market presents, Music China is a great avenue for industry leaders from around the globe to reach their target customers. In fact, many exhibitors fly long distances to exhibit at the show. So far, brands from countries and regions including Albania, Austria, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA are confirmed to participate at the show, while after a short hiatus, New Zealand will once again be represented.

Pianos continue to stand strong in the Chinese market

The piano has been the show’s most important product category for a number of years. It occupies the largest part of the exhibition area with exhibitors ranging from big, international industry players to niche manufacturers with limited production capacity.
The potential and sheer scale of the Chinese market represent opportunities that are difficult to find elsewhere. In recent years, the subject of music has been included in the secondary school entrance examination in some areas of China. Although examination policies differ by region, the importance of music education is gaining recognition nationwide. For example, even though the policy has not yet been implemented in Shanghai, the municipal government has released a set of guidelines, emphasising the importance of music education in daily teaching. There are also a number of quantitative regulations which are set to follow. These favourable policies towards music education have propelled a rise in demand for pianos, which have always held a special place in the heart of the Chinese people.
“China is the world’s leading consumer and manufacturer of pianos,” says Ms Kay Chen of Yamaha. “In recent years, the increase in the number of piano companies has brought about intense competition within the industry. However, with ongoing improvement of purchasing power and knowledge, consumers are paying more attention to product quality, cost to performance ratio, and they also have a demand for personalisation. To stand out from the competition, continuous improvement of product quality and service is the key to gain brand recognition and thus achieve long-term success.”

Fringe programme and live shows continue to light up Music China

One of the unique features of Music China is its high energy atmosphere pervading throughout the show. Attendees will be entertained through live performances, competitions, music appreciation and product demonstrations performed by various celebrities and professionals both inside and outside the halls. The show’s fringe programme, which has a prestigious history, will again feature the NAMM CMIA Industry Forum, the highly anticipated University Courses, as well as many lectures, seminars and workshops catering to different products and topics explored by industry leaders and university scholars. Details and schedules of the fringe programme will be announced closer to the show dates.
Positioned as a leading trade fair for musical instruments, Music China encompasses the entire supply chain, from electric, acoustic, bowed, woodwind, brass instruments and keyboards, all the way to sheet music and traditional Chinese instruments.
Visitors also have the opportunity to explore a larger scope of products thanks to the concurrent Prolight + Sound Shanghai event – Asia’s premier trade fair for entertainment technologies. The two shows connect buyers and professionals from the musical instruments industry as well as the audio and lighting industry, creating synergies for new business opportunities.

1 & 2: "Consumer Market Outlook: China", Retrieved: May 2020

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